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Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage

It’s not always possible or convenient to deliver your car to your home or directly to a repair centre following a breakdown or road traffic accident. When you’re a long way from home and your vehicle lets you down, you might need somewhere to store it safely while you continue on your journey or until you can arrange for repairs. Providing secure vehicle storage facilities in East London, Tows R Us Recovery offer solutions to businesses and private individuals throughout the South East.


Our fleet can collect your damaged or otherwise immobile vehicle from its location and transport it to our secure facility until you’re ready for it to be delivered back to you or to the repair centre of your choice.

With a full capability fleet equipped to recover cars, motorbikes, caravans, motorhomes, buses and light commercial vehicles in any condition, our recovery operator will quickly determine if your vehicle can be repaired or needs to be taken and stored for further assessment. In cases where it is necessary to store the vehicle until repairs can be arranged, we’ll move your vehicle to our secure complex.

24 hour Breakdown / Accident Recovery & Transportation – Fast, reliable Recovery Service & Vehicle Storage Covering London, Herts, Essex and Surrounding areas

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